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The RPMS Meal Train is a public charity that provides food to students in their book bags every weekend along with monthly household items to our food-insecure students and their families. 

Eligibility is determined by family income and/or current financial ability to provide for your child.  

Every penny counts!  You can make a difference by clicking below to donate to the RPMS Meal Train.

You can help stock up our pantry by purchasing one of the items on our RPMS Meal Train Amazon wish list.  


Current students and families are supported through our efforts. 

Parent Testimonials

"The Meal Train has been extremely helpful for my family.  Times are hard and every little bit helps now. I am very thankful for the support." - 8th grade parent

"The monthly food you provide is a big help for my daughter.  I'm a single father and the sole provider for her so it is good to know she has extra food at home she can eat. Thank you for helping our family." - 7th grade parent

"Times are tough, especially with a new baby at home.  It's a great supplement to my SNAP benefits to get this extra food for my daughter.  The laundry detergent addition has been very helpful.  SNAP benefits don't cover laundry and things like shampoo so that has been a great help." - 7th grade parent

"In America, 1 in 6 children don’t know where they will get their next meal from."