Dana Perez
Executive Director

Dana has over 12 years of experience in education all in the Danbury Public School system. She brings her commitment to the Danbury community and passion to see all students succeed to the RPMS Meal Train. Her work is centered on expanding our reach and increasing the number of families we are able to support.

Carina Chelso

Carina has 6 years of experience serving and supporting the students of Rogers Park Middle School as a social worker. She also brings 7 years of experience working with low income individuals and families in the Danbury community. Her focus and dedication is to fight food insecurity in order to promote positive school performance, attendance and social well-being.

Terri Sliech
Treasurer and Secretary

Secretary at Rogers Park Middle School. Terri entered into the Rogers Park family first by working in the School Based Health Center. It was there that the motivation for her to help the students began. In 2018, Terri began working as a secretary for Danbury Public Schools, in the Green House Office at Rogers Park Middle School. Terri is the Attendance Secretary, as well as the secretary to Assistant Principal, Dana Perez. Terri brings her passion to help those in need, especially within the Rogers Park community. She is hoping the Meal Train will be able to extend its support to all students and their families at Rogers Park who are struggling with food insecurity.

Team Members

Shamarie Molina

Family Liaison and Community Outreach

Shamarie is the Family Liaison at Rogers Park Middle School. She started teaching in 2012 and has always been passionate about supporting students' growth in many ways. Firm in the belief that the worries of basic needs like food insecurity are barriers to students' success, her focus is set on supporting families' basic needs bringing students' focus back to their education.